How To Maintain Your Health And Your Level Of Productivity

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How To Maintain Your Health And Your Level Of Productivity

   Economics define productivity as your output/input. your input means the sum total of what you invest to yield a reciprocal result, therefore is not limited to material resources alone, but also include your health as the greatest resource.
  it is needful to say one requires good health to be productive for health is wealth. Your effectiveness as a person is a direct measure of your well being hence the need to keep in top form. Apart from the preventive measures discussed below, make sure you do a regular medical check possibly yearly.
Don't wait to for your system to break down. The following are essential to acquiring good health to make sure your productivity level is impressive.

  Water is so vital to the body that even the food we eat are broken down to give water as one of the end products. The normal daily requirement is 2.5- 3 liters.
The water we ingest is usually distributed such that the cells get a drink, are bathed in it and waste are removed and taken to the excretory organs - the kidneys, this way your body is invigorated, the energy level increased and waste is eliminated.

  Start your day with 2 glasses of water before food or even before brushing your teeth. Drink water preferably outside your meals. that is not not with meals as this only acts to dilute the digestive juices and at the end your food id not properly digested. Don't substitute water with soft drinks, beers,teas or coffee which further dehydrate the body. Drink pure clean water, the benefits of drinking adequate water are numerable. A few include an increase energy level for performance through the increase of blood flow to all the organs of the body to the brain,joints which gives lubrication and in turn aid movements.
   For maximum productivity, you need to eat to live rather than live to eat. There are three groups of food beneficial foods which heals and improve bodily functions foods like vegetables,fruits,herbs,fibers. Neutral foods which are good sources of energy - legumes,grains and avoid foods which are like poison and are full of toxins (junk foods). here are some principles of eating right.

  • Eat breakfast like a king, take your launch like a prince and your dinner like a beggar.
  • Eat more protein than carbohydrate to keep your body in an anabolic state and your glycemic index (blood sugar level ) low.
  • Complex carbohydrate should be preferred over simple carbohydrates (bread,biscuits,pap,pancakes and sugars).
  • All foods you choose should be compatible with your system (that is listening to your body, if what you are eating does not agree with your system then stop.)
  • decrease saturated fats, use unsaturated fats instead.
  • Eat a minimum of one large serving of dark leafy vegetables each day.
  • Stop eating late into the night as much as possible and dinner your dinner should be light.
3. Exercise.
Get some form of exercise that suits your age and medical status. do this regularly 2-3 times a week. Choose something you enjoy doing and if possible have an exercise partner. Examples are walking, jogging, aerobics, dancing,swimming,skipping or better still enroll yourself in a gym.

I Know there are some fallacies about and hard work, but the truth about the matter is that to be productive , you need a minimum of 6-8 hours sleep everyday. Sleep allows the body to recover, recuperate and sharpens the mind. There is no substitute for sleep.

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