How To Develop The Winners Mindset

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How To Develop The Winners Mindset

  A certain man was nominated to represent his community for an event. On getting to the venue of the competition he found others that appeared to be better qualified. The first thing that came into his mind was fear of his inability to win the game.

Soon another person came along looking quite frail and without any good background. He does not even have all that was required for the event. Most of what he was putting on was borrowed. As soon as he arrived the venue he said thank God this is my chance. He held on to that confession, he was very confident in himself . Everyday he trained hard, he did not allow himself to be distracted by what others had.

  When it was time for the event he went to God and said" Great God, the time has come for you to proof your supremacy over nature. Today i have it recorded agin how you gain victory through me, thank you for making me a winner, he kept himself in the right frame of mind and continued to back it up with prayers and actions.
 The difference between a failure and a winner is that a failure is full of excuses and reasons for failures. He has a very low esteem and his passion and purpose is always lost in his inabilities. While a winner defines his purpose very well, his passion to deliver is his strong asset for his winning and he believes that his ability to become the best or getting his desired objectives lies within him.

Who Then Is A Winner?

  A winner is a person who emerges the best in a given task, having a big vision or great dreams does not make you a winner but achieving them. To become a winner is not automatic, it is something you work for.
  Winners live a life of sacrifice, they are not lazy. They take decisions and act on them.
Winners are self motivated, purpose driven, time conscious calculative, optimistic, courageous, proactive and focus minded people.

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