How To Avoid Depression While Living Alone

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How To Aviod Depression While Living Alone
  Living alone will not likely make you depressed,because many people live alone, and they are very happy. They enjoy their space and privacy. It is possible to live by yourself without becoming depressed.Though they are other people who get depressed by simply staying or living alone.
 There are routines you can engage in to avoid being depressed and there by live your life free of depression.

How To Avoid Depression While Living Alone

1. Get A Job.
 One way of avoiding becoming depressed if you live alone is to get a job. Getting a career will require you to leave your home every day and report to work. By leaving your home for the day, you'll be out and also get busy. While you work, you'll be earning money, which should allow you to happy.

2. Engage In Interesting Activities.
  Another way to maintain your happiness when you live alone is to find activities that you simply enjoy. An activity that will allow you to meet new people. Social ties will allow you to spend time outside your home. 
3.Have A Routine.
 A third way to avoid depression if you are living alone is to have a routine that you simply follow daily. Routine like running exercise each morning, taking a shower, eating breakfast and so on.  A routine will give you a feeling of purpose.

4. Have Friends.
  Friends will lift you up and cause you to be feel good, Like calling you on your birthday to tell you "Happy Birthday", if you are sick they call to check on you to definitely see how you are feeling or if you need anything.
5. Keep Regular Hours.
   Go to bed early every night, and get up at the same time every morning. Keeping regular hours will keep you healthy. You can avoid colds and other illnesses which are often brought about by an inconsistent sleep schedule .

6. Vitamin D.
 Allow the Daily Rays of Vitamin D into your room. Vitamin D, which is provided by sunlight, helps to prevent depression. Staying in the house each day with the blinds shut can keep your home cool and keep the furniture from fading, but it will not help your mood.  Open the blinds, allow the light in, and you'll notice a change for the better.

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