5 Qualities Of Mr Right

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5 Qualities Of Mr Right

 Love is a criterion for relationships, however, certain qualities need to be checked. Beyond the physical and emotional qualities, every woman wants from a man there are important factors that make him MR RIGHT.

Below are 5 qualities of Mr Right.

1. He's Visionary
  Be sure he has a detailed plan for his life, knows where he wants to be in five years.  From his career to his finances, he needs to have figured out his path
  Does plan on starting his own franchise or plans to work for people forever? Do his plans align with yours? These are questions you need to ask yourself.

2. He's Honest
  His ‘Yes’ means ‘Yes’ and his ‘No’ means ‘No’.
People sometimes believe honesty is hard to come by in relationships, because of the absurd word, ‘white lie’.
  A white lie is the kind of lie said to spare their partner grief. In my opinion, there is nothing like a white lie, it is either you say the truth or you don’t.
 An honest relationship builds chemistry between the couple.

3. He's Committed
  Is he committed to the relationship?
 There are no keeping secrets, thoughts or behaviours in committed relationships. All committed relationships are on the basis of trust, love, honesty, clarity and discipline.
You have to consider at all times that it is not only about what you want but about what is best for the relationship.

4. He's a Man of Integrity
  Integrity is a strong quality in every relationship. Does he make promises and honour them? Integrity is not something one compromise about, it is a way of life.
  Discipline, compassion, reliability and honesty works hand in hand with integrity. Ensure he walks, breath, sleep, and eats with integrity. .Know what he stands for.

5. Empathy
Does he abide by the golden rule? “Do unto others what you want to be done to you.”
Empathy is the ability to put yourself in another person’s shoes and being able to connect with their emotions. Does he listen
Every Mr Right should have these qualities, it is all or nothing!

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