Invest Your Time Wisely

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Aliko Dangote works 18 hours a day.
°You work 9 (actually it's 5) and have the audacity to say you want to be like him!
°He's been working since 1978. You've been working since five years ago.
°He's been working on HIS business. You've been working on your boss's business.
°He reads serious books and listens to serious people to challenge his mind. You read newspapers and watch TV to entertain your mind "after the days hard work".. LOL.
°He wants to expand his business all over the world so he can impact the world. You just want a salary increment so you can eat in nicier restaurants and post it on Instagram.
Your grand children will ask archaeologists and scientists to dig up your skull and check it to see if you actually did have a brain.
AGM create your own empire
start a buisness from zero to hero .