For Couples Only - 3 Ultimate Ways To Maintain A Marriage After 30 Years

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For Couples Only - 3 Ultimate Ways To Maintain A Marriage After 30 Years

 Happy couples will walk down the aisle for a commitment of a lifetime, proclaiming their vows and making promises that they will try to uphold. It’s a beautiful moment that brings people together from far away for a ceremony that is beautiful and breathtaking.

Some might say “happily ever after” is just a fairytale, but couples are the ones to prove that marriage can withstand any hurricane with the right mindset and the right character.
Here are 3 Tips to Maintaining a Marriage After 30 Years

1. Avoid being addicted to anything
Marriage can sometimes cause you to crave a new personality. This emotion is a slippery slope.If ever this situation occurs, talk to your family members and your therapist. They will help you reflect upon yourself and allow you to avoid that slippery slope.
Remember that being married to a person means more than just a happy ending. It means you’ve got to put up with their laziness and they have to put up with your annoyances. However, it also means that you get to bring out and see the best in yourselves and in each other.

2. Ensure the importance of alone time
Before marriage, you are your own individual. You have your own circle of friends and family, career, and hobbies where your significant other wouldn’t necessarily be present. You meet your special person every now and then and speak about how your day was and what you did. Your conversations are always interesting and entertaining.

This concept of alone time doesn't have to be thrown out the window the moment you take up the vow of togetherness. Many couples that have been together for years know almost everything about each other. They become one person. So, having just that 10% of individuality and alone time allows one to still retain their own personality.

3.Communicate your feelings always
 speaking about your feelings, and expressing your emotions is important. Good or bad, explaining and expressing yourself allows your better half to understand you better. This open communication, which may become hidden due to social media and society’s expectations, has been key for all the old adorable couples you watch in the park.