3 Ways To Avoid Post Wedding Weight Gain

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3 Ways To Avoid Post Wedding Weight Gain

-  A lot of women out there tend to gain weight immediately after marriage,forgetting that dedication to health and fitness is a part of the person that stepped into the marriage.


  Women should understand that their new husband metabolism is much faster that their's and they (women ) can't eat the same amount of food like their husband.

here are 3 ways to avoid post wedding weight gain.

1.Put Exercise on Your Schedule
  When newly married you might be tempted to put hanging out with your hubby above exercise on your priority list. Putting exercise on your schedule can help avoid this tendency.
If working out together with your partner is not an option, then it helps to spend the first two weeks or so figuring out the best days for you both to work out without sacrificing time together. For example, if Tuesdays and Thursdays are busy days for your schedule and you spend Saturdays and Sundays together, you still have Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday to schedule personal time for your workouts.
2.Don’t Lose Your Healthy Cooking Habits or Get New Ones
  As a woman you may have been taught from a young age that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, and when you get married to him you want to stay in his heart by cooking his favorite meal. While he might have preferences for how he wants his food cooked, you don’t have to sacrifice your figure or cook two different meals each time.
If he likes his swallows, cook the soup with lean cuts of meat and only as much oil as you need and portion out your carbs appropriately. Better yet, get him to join you in the kitchen. Cooking together is a fun way to enjoy each other and allows you to share with him the healthy eating habits that are important to you.

3.Serve Yourself Differently
  Your husband has a faster metabolism than you do. This is because he carries more muscle, which burns more calories at rest. This means that he needs to eat more to maintain his weight. Eating the same amount of food as he does is a recipe for weight gain. One easy way to do this is to cook the same meal but eat smaller portions.
The method I tend to recommend is to serve yourself on a smaller plate and him on a larger plate. This works because it looks like you both have the same amounts of food on your plate and you can eat fewer calories without cooking different meals.
Gaining weight after getting married doesn’t have to be a given; you just need to know that it can happen and plan accordingly. Use the tips above to make a plan to manage your routine to allow you to spend time with your new partner without neglecting your fitness and your gorgeous body.
Are you a newly wed struggling to maintain your figure post wedding? Or perhaps you’re winning the battle of the bulge. What’s your biggest struggle or your secret weapon? Tell us in the comment box below!