Entertainment - Prince Rogers Nelson dies at 57-years

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  Prince Rogers Nelson was found dead in an elevator in his Minnesota home – The music star was a seventh time Grammy award winner
Popular American pop legend, Prince Rogers Nelson died on Thursday, April 21, at 57-years old and his body was discovered in his home, Paisley Park, Minnesota. It was reported that the American music star was on Friday, April 15, rushed to the hospital that made his private jet have an emergency landing in Illinois. However, Prince responded to treatment immediately as he was on Saturday, April 16, seen at a concert where he assured his fans that he was ok. But before this incident, Prince Rogers Nelson had already cancelled two shows due to his health problems. A family member disclosed that, the music star has been battling a bad ‘bout of flu’. TMZ reported that, the sheriffs investigating the death of Prince Nelson revealed that he was found in an elevator at his home and immediately performed a CPR but unfortunately, they were unable to revive him and he was reported dead on the scene. The 57-year old pop legend was epileptic.

 It was gathered that, Prince for the fourth time during the week visited a local pharmacy Walgreens close to him just few hours before his death. The music star, was known to be a frequent visitor of the pharmacy but on Wednesday, April 13, during his last visit, he looked more frail and nervous than his usual self. Sadly, on Saturday, April 16, the day after he was released from the hospital, Prince took the stage at a dance party near his home and curiously said, “Wait a few days before you waste any prayers.” Popular pop singer Katty Perry, actor and singer, Justin Timberlake and American musician and actor, Kevin Jonas took to Twitter to express to their grief and appreciate the works of the multi-instrumentalists death. Katty Perry tweeted, “And just like that…the world lost a lot of magic. Rest in peace Prince! Thanks for giving us so much.” Also, American recording artist Bradley Glenn said, “Please tell me Prince isn’t gone. I don’t think I can handle this one.”