Celebrity - P-Square to split Officially Soon

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 There are strong indications that the rift between the twin brothers is irreconcilable, as they will most likely go separate ways as solo artistes regardless of all the mediations and the public apologies from them.
As a result of the current situation between Peter, Paul and Jude Okoye, the band members have kind of ‘separated’, with some remaining loyal to Paul and others pitching their tent with Peter. On Thursday, April 7, Peter Okoye and some members of his team performed at the KIZA restaurant and lounge, Dubai – an exquisite restaurant famed for serving African cuisines as well as great entertainment. Peter’s move to embark on the solo performance in Dubai without his twin brother was greeted by criticisms from fans, who expressed their disappointments to him on social media. Peter later replied the fans via an Instagram post on Thursday, April 7 stating that he and Paul are entitled to solo performances, a decision he claimed has restored peace to their family. But that is far from the truth, our correspondent reports. Recall that the much-publicized ‘feud’ between the Okoye brothers in the early parts of 2016 took the Nigerian entertainment industry by storm as it lasted for weeks and seemed to pick momentum almost on a daily basis. Several prominent Nigerians were said to step in and help restore quiet in the stormy relationship after which the brothers embraced peace and went on to issue public apologies for their actions. If they eventually split after the ‘back and forth’, it will go down as one of the most critical break ups in Nigerian music.
Other major break ups from music groups in the past have seen the Nigerian music industry lose the melody and artistry of A-list groups such as Remedies, Plantashun Boyz and Mo’Hits to name a few. However, the difference in the P-Square situation is that while the other groups were founded on friendship and understanding hence the inevitability of a rift, the Okoye brothers are tied by blood which makes their current situation a surprise to many.