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Thursday, 28 April 2016

Couples Only - 5 benefits of Ending Bad Relationships

Are you considering ending your Bad Relationship or Dampened about a recent break up.
  Breakups can be hard and will happen at a point in every adult's life. While trying to move on can be really hard, there are many benefits of leaving your current relationship if it's making you unhappy.
You may be considering ending your relationship or sad about a recent breakup, but you can always see things from the brighter side of life.
Inspired by Lifehack, here are 5 benefits of ending your bad relationship

1. You know your true friends.
This is a time for you to be supported by good friends. You'll know who your friends are when going through this rough patch. Learn to appreciate those who stand by you.
2. You empathize more with others.
Breakup makes you more sensitive to the trials of others. You see better because people around you are more willing to share a bit of themselves with you because they believe you'll understand them now that you are heartbroken.
3. You have freedom.
You really don’t have your partner to think about anymore. Trying to please or annoy them. You can move to someplace else without having to consider who’ll be feeling bad.
4. You get a chance to rethink your needs in a partner.
Your breakup experience now provides you time to access your wants and needs in a partner. This will give you clarity on what to look for in your next relationship when you are ready for it. Think about what you liked or didn’t like and you’ll know what mistakes to avoid the next time around.
5. More time and space
You’ll be surprised at how much time and space you have after a breakup. The time and space you dedicated to your ex can now be used for other productive things. Registered & Protected